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Here is a selection of comments about Leonid’s latest book “All About Everything”.

“An irresistible read! You will go back to this book time after time…”
H.E. Mr Ihor Mitiukov, the former Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Kingdom

“This book is exciting for bureaucrats in learning new marginal thoughts, and frightening for non-bureaucrats who learn our secrets.”
Dr James H Boren, President of The International Association of Professional Bureaucrats & candidate for US Presidential Elections (‘72, ‘84, ‘92)

"Your book is a goldmine of wit and wisdom!"
Dr Joel Goodman, Director, The Humour Project, USA

"The book is very good and instructive – witty rather than laugh out loud."
Prof. Des MacHale, Author of the “Wit Books of Quotations”, Ireland

"A good aphorism has the quality of a diamond. It is compact but dense. It is dense but brilliant. To compose a well written, original and striking aphorism is beyond the wit of most of us. Leonid Sukhorukov’s triumph is not only that he is a master of this difficult form but that, born in the Soviet Union, he writes in a foreign language. The 400 aphorisms, each shedding its own original light, appear on individual pages... It is difficult not to keep turning the pages as one reads, eager to devour the next one and then the next one after that."
Christopher Scarles, Formerly Board Director of Cambridge University Press

"Leonid Sukhorukov reminds us of the effectiveness of a well-crafted aphorism – a unique blend of paradox, contradiction and wit. His observations cause the reader to laugh, nod or grimace… and sometimes all three at the same time."
Andrei Tolstoy, Leo Tolstoy’s great-grandson

"It is never an easy job to write something worth reading, yet it is far harder to write something worth quoting. Leonid’s book is easily read yet not an “easy read”."
Anna Antonova, poet and writer.

"This book is full of wisdom and humour. You can open it to any page and find something helpful. Leonid Sukhorukov has a brilliant way of helping you see the world with new eyes."
Jana Stanfield, Award-winning International Recording Artist

"Very enjoyable – it must have success!"
Hon. Cecelia Morris, Judge, Southern District of New York, USA

"The book is very well done and very funny."
Peter Reznikov, Head of Russian, Eton College

"Excellent! Aphorisms are so close to the truth and are what people recognise."
Loretta Wilmont, Independent Herbalife Distributor, South Africa

"A smorgasbord of distilled wisdom!"
Alan Yip, MBA; Chief MIND Education Officer, Singapore

"This book gives us great pleasure and will be a source of inspiration for a long time to come. So condense a lifetime into a sentence gives a new meaning to a life sentence."
Ronald W. Bridgland

"Reading one of Leonid's aphorisms for breakfast is food for the day."
Margarete Rolle, Concert promoter, UK

"This little book is colossal… it makes for superb reading and re-reading."
Bill Mantinband, Founder, Toastmasters International, USA

"Leonid’s book is one of the best mirrors of a distorted world."
Lucy Leviska, B.H.Sc.(Ac)., AACMA,Traditional Chinese medicine, Australia

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