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Leonid S. Sukhorukov
A world famous Ukrainian author; master of the aphoristic comment on all aspects of life; a journalist; a philosopher; a social and spiritual mentor, Leonid Semenovich Sukhorukov was born in the Ukrainian town of Kharkov. As soon as he went to school, his literary creations began and he wrote his first aphorism, I shall always believe in immortality  as long as I live! , before his 10th birthday!

After finishing his studies at Kiev State University, he worked for Intourist, a tourist organization run by the Kiev City Council but later he worked at the Soviet Institute of Cybernetics under Academician Glushkov. At the same time he was invited to teach at the Kiev State University.

Together with his scientific research projects at the Institute, he was publishing his unique satirical sketches, which took an unconventional look at life, in almost every newspaper and magazine in the former USSR as well as composing music for plays, concerts, radio, television and films. He was the DJ and musical editor and presenter of the first Ukrainian disco television programme and in addition to all this, he toured the country lecturing on a voluntary basis for the Ministry of Culture.

Eventually however, his satirical talents led him to work at Krokodil (Crocodile), and Peretz (Pepper)  in their time, the most influential weekly magazines of political satire in the Soviet Union. In 1987 he published his first book of 1000 aphorisms, Alone With My Thoughts which, with sales of 65,000 copies, was an overnight success. Three years later his second book, Laconic Sketches containing 2000 of his witty sayings, was released and this, like his first book, disappeared off the shelves in an instant and became a collectors item. Now an established author, his aphorisms are reproduced in every corner of the globe.

In 1991, he was invited to America by Doctor James H. Boren, (a former US presidential candidate in the elections of 1972, 1984 and 1992, www.jimboren.com), to represent the USSR in the first bilateral exchange of satirists. Dr Boren is also the founder and President of The International Association of Professional Bureaucrats to which Leonid was appointed Vice President in 1989. This Association attacks, through the world media, bureaucracy in all its forms.

In 1998, he was invited to work for a well-known British educational company Windsor Education Services and was made responsible for students from the East European countries of the former Soviet Bloc. Here in the UK, he was one of the founders and a deputy editor of the former Ukrainian newspaper, Ukrainian Britain published in London to which he contributed a weekly column.

For his contribution to the humanitarian, spiritual and cultural life of Ukraine, Leonid Sukhorukov was awarded The Order of Saint Volodymir, The Order of The Venerable Nestor The Chronicler and The Order of The Venerable Illya Murometz by His Holiness The Patriarch Volodymir, Metropolitan Archbishop of Kiev and All Ukraine.

He is also the General of Kozatztvo Zaporozke, an International Voluntary Association of Cossacks. He has been awarded the first and second level of The Order of Cossack Glory by the Supreme Ataman of Kiev and All Ukraine, Marshall Dmitro Sagaidak. He was appointed the Atamans official representative to The United Kingdom.

Leonid Sukhorukov is the official representative of the International Human Rights Committee to the UK.

In April 2005 Leonid Sukhorukov celebrated the UK publication of his new book All About Everything. This contains 400 aphorisms reflecting his philosophic observations of a lifetime. It is the first time for a non-native English speaker, from the former USSR, to publish a book in English in this particular literary genre.

Leonid Sukhorukov is a regular participant at the International Conference: The Positive Power of Humour, Hope and Healing. This is part of The HUMOR Project founded and directed by Dr. Joel Goodman whose unique understanding of the healing powers of humour has enriched so many peoples lives. (www.humorproject.com) The Conference takes place each year in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., USA. In April 2005 Leonid was invited there both to participate and publicize his new book which received a great response.

Nowadays, numerous publications and reproductions of Leonids aphorisms (or one-line novels as he often defines his genre), have gained universal appeal and some of his aphorisms and information about his new book can be found on various websites around the world.

Leonid Sukhorukov is married. His wife and daughter are a constant source of love and inspiration for his life and creativity and he also acknowledges the loyal and loving support of all his family relatives.

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